Motorcycle maintenance list

Below are some typical maintenance items for a motorcycle, as well as the things we track for free here at Cycle Bot.


Spark Plugs
Check for fouling and replace if needed

Engine Oil
Change the oil and filter

Fuel Filter
Inspect the fuel filter and change if needed

Water cooled bikes – Check coolant/anti-freeze level as well as hoses

Check head light high/low beam, tail/brake light, turn signals, instrument and driving lights.

Kill Switch
Test Kill button/switch and inspect overall wiring for chafe. Use wire ties to secure loose wires.

Check battery levels and clean terminals.

Brake Fluid
Check that brake fluid is at the proper level and is clean

Inspect your brake pads / liners and replace if needed

Tire Wear
Inspect tires for even wear and dry rot (cracking) or cuts in side walls.

Tire Pressure
Check air pressure. Do not over inflate especially in Hot conditions/climate.

Drive Chain
Inspect drive chain or belt for excessive wear and lube if appropriate.

Inspect exhaust for leaks.

Air Filter
Inspect air filter(s) and clean or replace where appropriate


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